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45 Day Guarantee


45 Day Guarantee

As I'm blocked posting any more questions as I got 3 still open. Two of which have had no response from CSA, one open for several days the other 20 hours.

I am hoping that I can get some more information on the 45 days guarantee especially the T&C's on this forum. Only migrated my broadband to PlusNet 29 days ago and thinking about leaving already. No problem with the broadband connection but I can honestly say I have experience the worst attitude to customer support. Tickets go unanswered for days and when they are answered normally a bit of ping-ponging go on before PN admit the problem is at their end. My patience is being stretched to the limit.

We're sure that you'll be delighted with broadband from PlusNet. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll pay for you to leave.

All of our broadband products come with a unique guarantee: if you're new to PlusNet, you'll get a relaxing 45-days to experience our broadband service to find out if it's right for you. If you're not completely satisfied during this time, we'll pay for you to change to another broadband provider.

Once you've experienced our award-winning service and value, we're confident that you'll stay with PlusNet broadband. You can take advantage of the PlusNet Guarantee if you're new to broadband or if you are changing from another broadband provider.

With nothing to lose, why not try us today?
Terms & Conditions apply

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45 Day Guarantee

With regards to the PlusNet Guarantee, the Terms and Conditions are linked from where it says 'Terms and Conditons Apply' and that should answer any questions that you do have.

As for the questions that you have open with support, we are aware that quality is lacking at the moment and we're putting as many resources as possible into resolving this at the moment. Your questions will be picked up and responded to shortly.

45 Day Guarantee

Thanks Jon, as you saw 2 open tickets only took minutes to resolve and this is what so irritating when no response is seen for hours or days.