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4 Months No Broadband


4 Months No Broadband

Seen as no one is bothered about answering my support questions in the "My Questions" section of my account (3 days, no answer), maybe someone will answer here:

4 Months no Broadband, multiple tickets, multiple referals to BT still nowt:

PlusNet won't cancel my account because they say there's been activity on my line, this is because my router gets sync for a few seconds then drops.

*Copied from my last ticket ID: 20269477 *

I noticed my Netgear Router gained sync on my line for around 30 seconds last night, then lost it. This may be where you are seeing avtivity on my line.

This has been the same since I ordered the connection from yourselves, 1 modem and 2 routers have failed to get sync. BT have "apparently" fixed problems with my line but I have had still no success connecting.

The Web interface on my router is showing nothing on the Routers Modem Connection, Zero Line attenuation and Noise.

I have 1 phone socket with 1 filter and 1 phone connected with my router, I have tried 3 filters (the two you supplied and one that came with my Netgear), still no sync.

Please, please, please arrange for a BT engineer to sort me this out. A site visit would be preferable to being fobbed off with "apparent" fixes. BT can call me anytime on my Cell Phone (**please see my ticket for number**) to arrange.