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2mb upgrade TOTAL HEADACHE


2mb upgrade TOTAL HEADACHE

hello folks

Not sure if all you 2mb customers having the same problem but my bandwidth yo-yo's since they upgraded me from 512kb. It just goes up and down from 100 to 230kb and sometimes totally cuts out. Which is really p****** me off now. All i been doing is test over test over test, They sent out a Bt Engineer who was a total joke, who has passed 6.5db SNR reading for a 2mb connection. Can PLUSNET WAKE UP AND SEND OUT ANOTHER BT ENGINEER TO FIX THE PROBLEM FOR GOOD!!!. PLZZZZZZZ

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2mb upgrade TOTAL HEADACHE

Hi Pav,

I have responded to your open ticket. Whilst we have been in ongoing discussion regarding your problems, BT are unable to find a problem and the speedtester results confirm this. I have put full details in the ticket.

2mb Connection Frickin headache BT + plusnet


Ok how many times do you see a ADSL line totally losing bandiwdth?
Ok how many times do you see a 2mb connection stay below a 1mb connection speed. How can you say there isnt a problem?, Did you guys test my connection last night?, If you want to call every 30mins a disconnect then we have a definate problem here. Also I started to use bandwidth when i was connected to the following DNS Servers which was at 4am or something

WAN Gateway
DNS Server Address :

usually if i connect to the other DNS servers it wont work for longer then 10mins. And i am not saying this is stable either, its gives me bandiwdth between 130-200.

But i got a gutt feeling you guys just ripping me off with low bandwidth