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2mb to 8mb Downgrade


2mb to 8mb Downgrade

Well I always said that I was not excited about the 8mb "upgrade" as I felt sure that Plusnet would ruin it with traffic shaping and the various timeslots that we are all expected to memorise per port.

Well the upgrade happened some weeks ago all seemed to work OK, I accepted that the speed for the 1st 10 days may be variable. Most of the time they were 2.5mb throughout this period although on one day I did get a nippy 5mb.

Well now the honeymoon is over so I did a few speedtests from ADSLguide through the day. Here are the results:

Speed Test Results

Downstream 1,343.2 Kbps ( = 1.3 Mbps )
Upstream 312.9 Kbps ( = 0.3 Mbps )

I am wondering if this is another Plusnet debacle or should I be reporting this?

2mb to 8mb Downgrade

mine has been terrible of late, but not a patch on my old 2mb for last couple of months, but a recent ticket ive brought up says its a possible problem on plus's end and they have a fix soon, ill wait n see, may give it a month or 2 and if its still not acceptable ill migrate, which is a shame as i have no problem with plus untill the regrade, im not a massive user so limits i was fine with, shaping if done right never effected me anyway

2mb to 8mb Downgrade

you can check if it's a plusnet problem by connecting your router to the bt domain (speedtest@speedtest_domain / blank password) and running the speed tester by pointing your web browser to

if this test reports slow speeds migrating to another isp won't make any difference as it's BT's fault.

2mb to 8mb Downgrade

cant use the speed test as i was migrated to the tiscali up to 8mb. and i know full well what my speeds are and what i could get seeing as my neighbours get much higher download rates on similar services from other isps. plusnet are looking into it so as i said ill wait n see what develops

2mb to 8mb Downgrade

Thanks for the suggestions, looking at the other threads it seems I should be grateful for a connection. No wonder they are doubling allowances on PAYG plans, it must be all they can do to hold on to customers.

So here is an update of tests carried out today 2006-06-29

at 07:55 on ADSLguide

Speed Test Results
Downstream 1,397.5 Kbps ( = 1.4 Mbps )
Upstream 342.5 Kbps ( = 0.3 Mbps )

12:55 on ADSLguide

Speed Test Results
Downstream 1,398.6 Kbps ( = 1.4 Mbps )
Upstream 342.0 Kbps ( = 0.3 Mbps )

at 13:00 via BT Speedtest 1113 kilo bits per second (Kbps),

at 13:15 via Plusnet 1421 kilo bits per second (Kbps)

Looking at ADSLGuide it says that we should expect the following for the different connections:

512Kbps 460 Kbps 200-240 Kbps
1Mbps 920 Kbps 200-240 Kbps
2Mbps 1840 Kbps 200-240 Kbps
8Mbps 7300 Kbps 400-756 Kbps

One more check on ADSLguide after reconnecting to Plusnet shows that speed is consistently bad.

13:20 after reconnect on on ADSLguide

Speed Test Results
Downstream 1,389.7 Kbps ( = 1.4 Mbps )
Upstream 341.8 Kbps ( = 0.3 Mbps )

2mb to 8mb Downgrade

The important test is the BT one, as paulfinlay mentioned, which seems to indicate you are connecting from the DSLAM in the exchange to your modem/router at only 1.1 Mb/s.

Does your modem/router indicate what sync. rate and line attenuation you are achieving?
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2mb to 8mb Downgrade

Hi there,

Just a bit of feedback from my own personal experience. I'm obviously party to alot of the other problems customer's report but my experience was pretty painless.

My line is borderline 2MB statswise and was moved to max a few months back. It took about 35hrs before I was downloading at 5Mb/s Smiley

The first 10 days was unstable with regular drops in sync but after that things steadied at a consistent 4Mb/s and have been that way since.

Delta reports were always 4000 or 4544...

... That's until I received a report for 2272 two days ago Sad

Oh well, such is Max Wink


Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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2mb to 8mb Downgrade

Where would you find those?

Teh online status shows

System Status
System Uptime: 3:35:29
LAN Status Primary DNS 212.159.6.X Secondary DNS 212.159.6.X
IP Address TX Packets RX Packets
X -----------------35466-----------32409
WAN Status GW IP Addr 195.166.128.XX
Mode IP Address TX Packets TX Rate RX Packets RX Rate Up Time
PPPoA XX --------------242606----------32--------------244149----- 19----------------3:34:50
ADSL Information (ADSL Firmware Version : 41e2be2c)
ATM Statistics TX Blocks RX Blocks Corrected Blocks Uncorrected Blocks
ADSL Status Mode State Up Speed Down Speed SNR Margin Loop Att.
G.DMT SHOWTIME-------448000-------8128000----13.0---21.0

2mb to 8mb Downgrade

Thanks for the input Bob

On the 19th of May I got the final message when
"Great news! We're delighted to announce that your broadband has been upgraded to give you 'Up to 8Mb' speeds."

Surely if it going to be called an "upgrade" it has to be faster then what I had before (2MB)?

High-speed 'Up to 8Mb' broadband works in a different way to your current service. The speed you actually receive is based on the length of your line from your local exchange, the condition of your telephone line and weather conditions. This means after we've upgraded your account, the actual speed you receive may vary.

It seems to settle at 5mb, I could live with that.

Please note, due to the way the service works, we cannot guarantee a full 'Up to 8Mb' service.

As it was 5mb for a while I think we can be sure that my line is capable of that. So why the drop? The threads on these forums suggest that nothing is guaranteed.

In the 10 days following your upgrade, you may see your speeds vary. This is perfectly normal, as automatic tests are carried out during this period to see what speed your line can support. It's important that you stay connected during this ten day period for as long as possible so that these tests can take place. After ten days you should see your speeds stabilise at the fastest speed your line can support."

It did go up and down and seemed to settle at 5mb, but now it is down to 1.4mb. Perhaps with the weather condition caveat we can blame that, "too many leaves on the rail sir"!

I think this is fraudulent selling really, right now the homepage of Plusnet says 8mb, as the line is not a factor I think this might be a case for the Office of Fair Trading.
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2mb to 8mb Downgrade


I think this is fraudulent selling really, right now the homepage of Plusnet says 8mb, as the line is not a factor I think this might be a case for the Office of Fair Trading.

Fraudulent no, they have not charged extra for a faster connection.

They are taking money for a service, that is for many, not 'fit for purpose' or of 'merchantable quality' depending on which flavour of legal talk your prefer. The fault almost definately is due to BT but your contract is with PN.

So Yes, the OFT is the place to go.


2mb to 8mb Downgrade

I disagree, they have been hyping up this 8mb for months and using it as a reason to stay with them after the FUPSUP debacle, traffic shaping, dodgy hours and timetables, removal of some services etc etc.

Te fact is the industry is now offering a cheaper product, talk talk managed to add 240,000 new customers to it's books for a FREE ADSL service. I stayed with Plusnet through thick and thin but it is getting hard to justify, they are just lucky I am busy at the moment.

The OFT comment was for new customers being promised 8mb when that is not a reality at all. It is no use always blaming BT, they have done that for years, time to reduce their dependancy on BT.