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2mb adsl question


2mb adsl question

i'm using 512kb adsl contract with plusnet at the moment, the question is it possible if i upgrade to 2mb adsl just for 1 month? affer that back to 512kb,

i just want to see what does 2mb service like, i cannot afford 2mb service for a year lol

is it possible?


RE: 2mb adsl question


It is techncially possible, but it wouldn't be cheap and will result in two periods of 7 day downtime (As the service is moved from one contention to the other). You would also need to pay a re-activation fee each time too, so that would be two lots of £58.75. I would imagine this isn't practical!

BT reckon that by the end of August they will have a proper process in place for moving between the accounts, so this might be something you can do in the future without it costing you so dearly.


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support