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2Mb - couple of questions

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2Mb - couple of questions

Hi All. I'm now on 2Mb Broadband and it seems quicker than the old 512k. I have a couple of questions if anyone knows the answer ?
1. Where can I see in my account exactly how many GB I signed up for ?
2. What should my MTU be now I'm on 2Mb ?
3. As I connect through a router, should the MTU be the same on my PC and Router ?

many thanks!!

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2Mb - couple of questions

1) If you go to the View Account Details section of the portal (it is in account details at the menubar on the left for future reference). It should tell you there what account you are on, its contract length and the bandwidth cap (if any) that you have chosen.

2) There are many different settings you could use. However, from this thread on ADSLGuide the main recommended ones seem to be:

  • MTU = 1478 - RWIN = 28760
  • MTU = 1472 - RWIN = 28640
  • MTU = 1458 - RWIN = 28360
  • MTU = 1430 - RWIN = 27800

That post also recommends:
from Tam,
You could also try halving the RWIN (i.e. an RWIN of 28760 divide by 2 = 14380) as well as doubling it (i.e. an RWIN of 28760 times by 2 = 57520) to see if it gains any better performance (usually only noticed from distant sites i.e USA / japan etc.etc)

You could also have a read of this thread. Remember to reboot after each change though.

3) The MTU should be the same on both router and the pc to avoid fragmentation, etc.

I hope that helps,
matt Wink

2Mb - couple of questions

My View Account Details page makes no mention of my bandwidth cap - (though it does say what service I'm on). Are you sure that this information is given?
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2Mb - couple of questions

Hi there,

In the "Connection Settings" you should have "View my Broadband Usage" - which will also tell you your pre-pay bandwidth level.