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2Mb 20:1 option to be actioned please!


2Mb 20:1 option to be actioned please!

As an original customer on 2Mb premier 20:1, I have been waiting for the option to keep on 2Mb 20:1 and pay a liittle extra than the standard 2Mb 30:1 £21.99 package, and was pleased to receive this email even though the price has jumped up an extra £5.

Changes to your broadband account

You may remember that we contacted you in February regarding your PlusNet 2Mb broadband account.

Your broadband service is currently based on a BT contention ratio of 20:1. This is because a 50:1 version of the 2Mb product did not exist when you signed up.

We have always stated that customers provisioned on 20:1 2Mb broadband would eventually be moved to a regular 50:1 product.

You now have the option to remain on a 20:1 contention.

What are the benefits of staying on 20:1?

- Enhanced performance - very little speed loss at peak times
- Increased upload speeds of up to 800k with the arrival of 4Mb & 8Mb broadband

What do I need to do?

If you would like to continue enjoying the benefits of 20:1 you must tell us within 14 days by raising a ticket in the Contact Us wizard:

- Go to -
Click 'New Query'
- Click 'Account Changes - Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancellations & Moving House'
- Click '20:1 to 50:1 migrations'
- Raise a ticket. DO NOT raise a ticket if you are happy to be moved to a 50:1 contention

Remaining on 20:1 will cost £10 (inc. VAT) extra on your monthly broadband subscription.

If you are happy to be moved to a standard contention of 50:1, simply do nothing and we will automatically begin moving you in 14 days.

Please note, if you don't instruct us to keep you on a 20:1 contention, you will be automatically moved to 50:1.

What will happen to my service if I don't stay on 20:1?

There will be little difference to your current broadband service most of the time. You will continue to enjoy the same speed and features at the same great price. Only the BT contention at your local telephone exchange will change, which may mean a reduction in speed at peak times.

This means for £31.99, I have the option stay on 2Mb 20:1 Cheesy
so I raised this ticket-

Ticket: 16956632 Open

Raised: 2005-07-05 17:36:09 by: You

Open : [Support Wizard Journey]
[Account Change Request]
[I wish to stay on my current 20:1 product at an additional cost of £10 a month]
[Additional Information]
To Plusnet,

I wish to stay on 2Mb with 20:1 contention.


Open : Can you please action this ticket, as I have not seen an update on it to confirm it has been looked at.


As you can see this has been going on for a while, only to be told today that I am now on the 2Mb 30:1 Premier account and that customer syupport is not aware of a 2Mb 20:1 Premier account. Sad

This ticket was also raised a while ago only to be closed-

Ticket: 17095123 Closed

Raised: 2005-07-22 16:50:28 by: Customer Support

Customer Support Centre Closed : EU called for update on 20:1 contention ticket.


This is today's update-

Ticket: 16956632

Customer Support Centre Open : CMR equiring about the case status: Upgrade to 20:1 contention ratio for an extra £10 a month.


Will this ticket ever be actioned?
The email confirms that there is a 2mb 20:1 product for £31.99, so why have my tickets never been actioned and how come I am on 2mb 30:1 now?


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2Mb 20:1 option to be actioned please!

Hi James,

The 30:1 contention is not the contention at the exchange, it is actually the contention on Plusnets network, which is correct for both BT 50:1 and 20:1 residential accounts.

The instructions in the original email lead you to a contact us option specifically for the purpose of staying on 20:1 BT contention and thus the tickets are not actioned by support staff. At some point a software script will produce a list of users that dont want 20:1 BT contention anymore. (think this may of already happened).

My ticket for example has not been answered actioned etc, but i have not recieved an email.

For them to change you to 50:1 BT contention then BT will have to visit the exchange, so if you ring plusnet and explain that you wish to stay on the 20:1 account they should be able to quickly cancel the order with BT hopefully Shockedops:

Good Luck, Cheesy

Richard Spurgeon
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2Mb 20:1 option to be actioned please!

And it would help if i used my own account and not my brother James' account.


Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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2Mb 20:1 option to be actioned please!


The tickets in that pool aren't monitored, they are there for our automated system to pick up and know how wants to stay on 20:1 and who doesn't.

The regrades haven't yet been placed and we haven't started charging the extra £10 yet either. We'll update you in the next week or two to let you know what's happening, but for now you'll still be on IPStream Office, and will be paying the same subscription as before.