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2MB to upto 8MB for Premier customers

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2MB to upto 8MB for Premier customers

I have a 2MB premier account @ £39.99 (paid in full 1 year in advance contract) that was upgraded from 1MB just before the free upgrades. My local exchange according to BT has had its upgrade and some non plusnet customers I know have had their free upgrades to 2MB from their respective ISP from their previous speeds. My question is why those of us on this type of account have till wait, and if were lucky might get a speed increase in the autumn. If 1/2 and 1MB customers can get a speed increase now why can't we.
The only benefit I supposedly have is a decrease in contention ratio from 50:1 to 30:1.(hows that meant to work) I have read some of the forum and know I can get a downgrade for free to the £21.99 a month package and upgrade if and when the higher speeds become available. If I did this will I get a refund?
Also if i downgraded would I become a victim of those that now have unstable connections. I have never had an issue with this and have only ever had a disconnection when plusnet have carried out maintainance on their kit, which recently seems to be more often than in the past.............

2MB to upto 8MB for Premier customers

Unless you are on a business product (which I appreciate you're not) you are on a contention of 50:1 anyway.
The thing is that depending on how busy your exchange is, you may only have an actual contention of less than that, so the 30:1 Plusnet contention comes into play versus other ISP's.

Sounds confusing I know, but to clarify, contention wise you will stay exactly as you are now.

With regard being on a package for up to 8Mbs, I would defo downgrade to a 2Mbs package, the service you will receive will be exactly as now, the extra you are paying is purely to stay near the front of the queue for when the 8Mbs product comes out. This is *VERY* unlikely to be before Spring next year for all but a few lucky ones, and it is possible that your line may not even support 8Mbs when it does come out anyway.

Definately my advice, save the money now, downgrade to the up to 2Mbs product ASAP!

In fact I'd call up to do it, rather than wait for a ticket to be actioned!!!!

Do it NOW!!! Wink Cheesy Wink Cheesy