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2M Upgrade saga


2M Upgrade saga

This 2M Upgrade saga has driven me to despair.

Whose fault it is I don't, but my contract is with PlusNet so I must hold them responsible.

So, I have reluctantly decided to leave. I may not receive a better, or faster service, but hopefully I will not be continually promised something that PlusNet/BT cannot deliver but other ISPs can.

The BTs MaxDSL scheme, to be launched in Mar/Apr, will provide me with higher speed ADSL.

All the best

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2M Upgrade saga

good luck in finding a decent ISP and remember to stay clear of the likes of tiscali and wanadoo!

unfortunatly few can influence BTw into changing things, least of all us and the isps!

I am thankful to be on a major exchange that was one of the first to be uprgaded!
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2M Upgrade saga

Did you try showing your stats to Mr Saffron on AdslGuide?

No ISP you try is likely to be able to influence BT to update their data so I think you are being unfair to expect PlusNet to be able to do it! Much as I dislike PN for other reasons I suspect they have probably done all that is in their power to help you over this

I know it is an extremely unsatisfactory state of affairs but at least Mr Saffron seems to be able to get peoples data updated which is more than anyone else seems either willing or able to do.