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#20400720 - 0kb/s - acceptable? Plus.Net think so lol


#20400720 - 0kb/s - acceptable? Plus.Net think so lol

Still being ignored by support, since I think the ticket has self-closed with no connection speed is within acceptable guidelines.

Past few days terrible connection tried everything: different microfilter, PCs (each isolated), routers, wireless vs fixed ethernet, reveal master socket, resets, factory resets, etc...

BT Speed Test wont work because they dont have enough information on my numberHuh - Suspect problem

Plus.Net fault checks say Connection Speed: none found..... This is within acceptable guidlines - Suspect bigger problem.

Router stats look okay?

# adslctl info --stats
adslctl: ADSL driver and PHY status
Status: Showtime Channel: FAST, Upstream rate = 288 Kbps, Downstream rate = 227
2 Kbps
Link Power State: L0
Mode: G.DMT
Channel: Fast
Trellis: ON
Line Status: No Defect
Training Status: Showtime
Down Up
SNR (dB): 30.2 25.0
Attn(dB): 23.5 11.5
Pwr(dBm): 15.8 11.3
Max(Kbps): 11264 1076
Rate (Kbps): 2272 288