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20% of mail not getting through

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20% of mail not getting through

I've been sending myself some test mails from outside Plusnet and also have my router set to email it's log once an hour. Based on this and the regular daily emails I always get, I estimate that at least 20% of all emails are not getting through at present.

These delays have been going on for nearly a fortnight and appear to be getting worse. What is being done?

Is there any good reason why the service status update due 10/05/2006 @ 12:00 hasn't been given?
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20% of mail not getting through

I suspect the update hasn't been provided because either:

a) the techies are still scratching their heads, wondering what the problem actually is (twelve days after it first emerged);


b) PlusNet have their heads buried firmly up their backsides.

I'd advise requesting a MAC code and going elsewhere. I'm going to.