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2 weeks fine.. now...

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Registered: 25-09-2007

2 weeks fine.. now...

hey, for last 2 weeks or so i was sycning at 2.0mb+ set my bras at 2000Kbps

then, out of no where, my SNR went up to 15 and my sycn went down to 1.6mb and is staying around this.

ive now been given a 1000Kbps profile by

i am just curious as to why my SNR went up

the only reason it went up initally was because i bugged about it ( use to be on 1mb )

why is my SNR SO HIGH ! i cant even recall a disconnect
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2 weeks fine.. now...

You have been 'rate adapted'.

The exchange has suddenly decided you line is bad and set a min SNR of 15dB with a corresponding lowering of sync rate.

Welcome to the club. There have been many cases where a perfectly good line has been classed as bad by the exchange and there is bugger all you can do about it - I know, I tried for weeks to get the SNR reduced back to 6dB after it increased over a week from 6dB to 15dB on my line without any success. The only reason I did not pursue this is I was moved to LLU. I'm now fighting to get the LLU min SNR of 12dB reduced to 9 or 6 which I know my line will take, and this has been going on for months now.

Rate adaptive connections are fine and can produce some health increases in speed, when it goes wrong, as in your case and mine, it a PITA to get BT to accept there is a fault and correct it.