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2 weeks Late for Activation


2 weeks Late for Activation

Hi all

I got an activation date of the 28th July for my Broadband Premier, but Im still waiting 2 weeks later. I've been told its BT thats the hold up as they need to do some work at the exchange. I even phoned BT Broadband but they wouldn't tell me anything as they say Plus Net has leased the line and its not there (BT's) problem. To say Im frustrated is a big understatement.
Anybody else had a wait like this.



2 weeks Late for Activation

That's nothing. I started service with +Net on July 8th, and chose to have my line regraded up to 2mb upon transfer in from BT Yahoo.

I'm still waiting on the regrade taking place (it's failed a total of three times!), and I've been charged twice for the regrade despite it taking over a month to take place (I've received a refund on the first regrade charge)...

And I get pretty crappy speeds too - 40kps downloads is about top speed for me, and I'm on 1mb atm.

I hope this level of service doesn't continue, because atm I am not happy, and I am certainly not impressed.
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2 weeks Late for Activation

Unfortunately there is a delay with your order, due to system problems at BT Wholesale. BT Retail and Broadband won't be able to help with this as they aren't actually responsible for ADSL provision, it's easier to think of them as totally different companies to BT Wholsale.

As this problem is with BT Wholesale, this would be the same whatever ISP you placed the order with. If you want, we can cancel the order, however if you place the order again, either with us or another provider, you will be at the back of the queue with BTW.

I know this probably isn't what you really want to hear, but the best thing you can do at the moment is just wait until the order is complete.

Cancel Subscription

Hello again

Yes I keep hearing there's a technical problem with BT, but you don't tell me what this is. I've sent you an email cancelling my subscription. I'm fed up waiting. I'll take my chances with another provider.

Mark Purmal

2 weeks Late for Activation

Good luck with the search for the new ISP that keeps you up to date....let us know know it goes and who you have picked....maybe some of us will follow suit.

2 weeks Late for Activation

Hi there,
I have a similar story I signed up with Plusnet in late June in preparation for our local exchange to go broadband on July 13th. This was then delayed by BT until 20th July (no word from Plusnet about it).. I am still not connected!!. My order was placed again by Plusnet on 21st July. People in my village have been getting their broadband for well over a week now - via BT, AOL & Onetel ISPs, but still no broadband despite phone calls and ticket updates. I've even tried calling BT, but they just refer me to my ISP.
It seems to me that Plusnet are way down the pecking order so far as BT is concerned and are thus unable to pressure BT into action. All I want is broadband!!!!

2 weeks Late for Activation

What is the problem folks, you cannot put the problem on Plusnet it is after all BT that is doing the work on the lines and the excnage.
I moved from AOHell and it took now get this took less than five days to move over and my speeds been unreal.
Have mailed a few others from AOHell and they are movin over.
Remember its BT line they are in control of all lines in the UK they do what they want when ever they want.
Give Plusnet some time to sort your problems out and if thay have charged you twice I am sure they would and should refund you .