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2 Weeks and still nothing!


2 Weeks and still nothing!

My email to plusnet support if you can actually call it support

this is getting rediculos, as member for a year now i have had noone ring me back in regards to my issue. As its states you will on the automated messages you now provide. I have not had a response in email in days. What sort of customer support is this?

Also i have numurous customers that use and until recently have become very unsatisfied and i don't blame them. With the ability of not being able to speak anyone, issues are not being resolved. Thus they are considering leaving, and some have left. Other ISP's have reconnected customers in a matter of hours even when they had not paid a bill.

I see that i had response fairly quickly when money terms were involved and someone was very pleased to take that off me.
Is it too much to ask for my 21.99 a month that someone tells me what is going on with my broadband and gets me back online.
I have been without the use of the internet for nearly 2 weeks now.

Thank You

What is the point of providing a support number and have noone call you back.
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2 Weeks and still nothing!

if you email stating your ticket number and phone number and say no-one has called you back despite your numerous attempts someone should call you back within a couple of hours