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2 Days till i Migrate!!!!!!!


2 Days till i Migrate!!!!!!!

Only 2 days to go before i say bye bye to nose diving plusnet :lol: . I hope the speed issue gets sorted out for you guys, as for customers support HHhhmmm. Thanks to everyone who has answered my posts. And if you are thinking of migrating i would recommend Cheesy

2 Days till i Migrate!!!!!!!

I'm moving to Aquiss too Smiley

However, I already have doubts. There statistics clearly show all support tickets answered in the last month were done in under 3 hours regardless of time of day, but I asked them a question about direct debit and it took them 23 hours to answer it!

Maybe too many people are moving to them and they are getting swamped ?
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Re: 2 Days till i Migrate!!!!!!!

And if you are thinking of migrating i would recommend Cheesy

How can you possibly recommend something you have not yet been connected toHuh

2 Days till i Migrate!!!!!!!

Because there support is million times better than this SH!T :twisted: , as i have already found out they have more of a first name terms with there customers aswell as they soon answer emails . And from other aquiss customers speeds are fantastic (anything better than this) I guess i will find out tomorrow :lol: :lol:

2 Days till i Migrate!!!!!!!

The problem is that once your login starts failing to authenticate, you don't know whether it's because you have been transferred to the new ISP, or Plusnet has gone tits up. The later seems far more likely at the moment!

2 Days till i Migrate!!!!!!!

aye im off to aquiss on tuesday also. from what i can tell they are a young, idealistic ISP, delivering a product as specified. im sure i will be very satisfied with them as long as they stay that way. im not a particularly demanding customer, i just want what i pay for, i dont really care how much i have to pay to get it (within reason). plus, any company offering a minimum contract length of a month, either has to deliver or it will go under. it is that simple. if they do not live up to expectations i will try somewhere else.

im actually getting quite excited, its going to be like getting the internet for the first time all over again.


2 Days till i Migrate!!!!!!!

Hopefully this coming Friday for me! Lets hope everything goes to plan.
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2 Days till i Migrate!!!!!!!

Really don't see the appeal of Aquiss. Yes they have a very attractive and fair pricing system. However once you look a little deeper alarm bells start ringing.

Customer Support
"The team is bigger than just Martin, infact Martin is not really involved in any of the support side of things unless it's something quite technical. Support is myself, Chris, Patrick and our new member of staff Matthew. We have 8 staff here now.." hardly fills me with confidence that Paul "myself", Chris, Patrick and Matthew are the support team. Little small and not going to have very much technical expertise or experience between them.

In recent weeks (Aquiss') provider has admitted that one of its main 622Mbit pipes is running at near capacity at peak times. Remember this is without any traffic management to keep quality of service up so I don't want to imagine what HTTP/e-mail/latency is like in the evenings. Of course you can try and be lucky and get connected to the other 622Mbit pipe that has plenty of space but that is pot luck.

Honestly are open and honest about pretty much everything except business decisions, fair enough. Aquiss seem very secretive. Selling themselves as open but thier public forums has a hidden members only section that is by all accounts are full of negative comments kept away from public views.

Got all this information reading the Entanet forums on

My advice would definitely be a case of better the devil you know. may not be perfect. Aquiss seems far from perfect also though. At least have the experience and expertise to get through thier problems.