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1mb adsl


1mb adsl

anyone know if the 1mb adsl from plusnet can switched seamlessly from a bt adsl service?

1mb adsl

You do this via ISP Migration. If everything goes to plan, the downtime should be about 30 minutes (because you keep your BT service up until your PlusNet service begins).

Note: You can only use this simpler migration method if your existing product is based on the same BT product. I.E. If your existing connection is based on "BT IPStream Home 1000" and the product you are migrating to is also based on "BT IPStream Home 1000".
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1mb adsl

Hi there,

This depends entirely on what product you have with BT. If you have a 521Kb account (which is very likely the case) then you cannot migrate to the 1Mb product - only to the 512Kb product with us.

The only way to move seamlessly would be to to migrate to the 512Kb product with us (at a cost of £35+VAT and then regrade this to the 1Mb service (at £50+VAT) - annoying, but a limitation of the migration scheme.

Alternatively you would have to cancel with BT and then sign up for the 1M service with us (at a cost of whatever activation fee your chosen package carried and about 7-10 days of downtime Sad)