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15gig download limit suggestion


15gig download limit suggestion

Hi there
i am considering leaving plusnet,after the recent changes to the download limits ,could it not be possible to reduce the download speeds at certain times of the day,instead of after downloading 15gig of data,then having to wait until the begining of the next month,,to download at a higher speed again.
What do others think of this suggestion.

15gig download limit suggestion

I'm afraid i'm not even going to hang around to wait and see if they change things.
i joined Plusnet 3-4 months ago, after a recommendation from a colleague at work. I could live with the caps of 30gig and 100gig, as i knew i would never reach them, but to put a cap on Usenet, has really been the final kick in the teeth.

Im off to pastures new, as soon as possible. Money was never the issue, but i cant live with dialup speeds on a broadband connection.

It's a shame, as Plusnet appeared to provide a good service, for little cost, but i guess at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

I truly wish I had known about the upcoming restrictions before joining, and saved myself the connection fees, which i will now have to pay upon leaving.

Anyways, good luck folks that stay here. I dont regard myself as a heavy user, and certainly not in the 1% that is deemed unsuitable by Plusnet, but 30k or less is rubbish. I'm so glad i'm not on and 8Meg connection getting that. OUCH.

15gig download limit suggestion

Yeah plusnet suck, cant dowload anything, cant even leave, they say i never paid the £11, dam i was sure i did must have missed the box, they want £157 before i leave, this sucks, why to compaines get away with changing terms and conditions and hiding the true facts, the ordinary bloke cant do things like this.

15gig download limit suggestion

Well they gave you an opt out when the t/c was changed so its your own fault for not raising a ticket before the deadline was up.

And dont say u wernt told. you were and they can quite easily proove it. At the end of the day you signed the contract and its your own fault if you now have problems

"cant download anything" = completely and utter rubbish. (downloaded around 35 gig last month, 40 the month before)

If you think there hiding something, you really need to get out to the real world. There one of the most open isp's around. Not many isps would inform customers that there installing elloycas or whateva. Sure there communication hasnt been gr8, but they have tried.

Basically what i'm trying to say is you havnt thought about what u just said. wasnt really a constructive post

@ Shaunbt

Already the case. Between 0000-0800 the usenet traffic is no longer rate limited after 15gig. There lookin at extending this from 0000 - 1600 the same as the current peak time for SUP. There currently monitoring to see how the lastest change goes down network wise. If your getting otherwise let us know your setup, what program, and we can look into it if your speeds really are at dialup levels.


Dialup speeds does not equal 256kbit usenet stream between 0800-0000. p2p is not in rate limited bronze and even during peak all the client programs i have tested have had more than 50kbytes/s Some torrents were even running at over 200Kbytes/s during peak when the network was busy

Remember fokes, its a contented service, so if u get 8.5k/s or above thats inline with plusnets maximum network contention figues. (30:1 for premier) BT's 50:1 would really suck wouldnt it Wink if it came about