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15gig CAP just not on


15gig CAP just not on

I downloaded too much (16GB) on Usenet last month peak time, my billing date was the 21st so my useage is reset now. But no no, Usenet only gets reset on the 1st of every month. Some unlimited service this is. How much cr4p can Plusnet come out with??

The only reason i am not moving yet is beacuse I have loads of work on at the moment and cannot put up with any downtime. I have contacted my many referrals - most of which are mates and they are happy to come with me to whichever ISP I choose

As soon as work calms down, I will be moving myself and all my referrals (over £1600 quids worth!!!). I have had enough of Plusnet changing their minds and providing a Broadband for beginners type of service
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15gig CAP just not on

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