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1 meg service question.


1 meg service question.

Hi there recently I got turned down for the 1 meg service, and had to revert to the 512k service, the reason for this was that the bt engineer who looks at the line, determined that 1meg was unavailable.

Now my question is, after reading this thread on another board ( below ) Do the engineers actually physically check the line or do they just sit behind a desk tap in your pone number and determine what you can and cant have. Be a bit peeved if i couldn’t have 1 meg, when infact i could.

Although just 512k would be a blessing at the moment, after having to go back to old 56k after moving home.
( summary )

Anyone seen this before ??
Im currently on 2Mb ADSL (IPstream type), signed up no hassle etc..
But been having problems with the ISP (Their/BT's Routers keep crashing...) so have been looking for another ISP.
I went to one today, but after puting my Phone Number in it said I couldnt get 1 or 2Mb ?

I went to BT's page - and checked there..
It said this....

Our initial test indicates that it is VERY UNLIKELY you will be able to receive 512Kbps or 256Kbps broadband service due to the very long length of your telephone line. However, your order will be accepted if you still wish to order. An engineer may need to visit who will, where possible, supply the broadband service. It is currently not possible to provide the 1Mbps or 2Mbps ADSL broadband services.

Seeing as im on 2Mb already.. Kinda odd I thought.
So I put in my PostCode.. Checks out fine, says I can get 2Mb etc..
So I put in my NextDoor Neighbours Tel No.. (From same Telegraph pole..) Yes, He can get 2Mb etc.. Weird ??

Anyone else seen this happen ?? BT obviously has got it wrong cos im ON 2Mb already.....
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1 meg service question.


There are several levels of checks done to determine what speed you can get.

The first is based on a historical record, this is the result you see on for example.

After that the planners will take a look, and finally an engineer will run a test on the line if everything else is borderline and they can't determine if you get the service or not.

I've cases where they've been wrong in both ways, i.e. provided a service when it should have been, and not provided when they could, but they are rare.

Of you want we can do a woosh test on your line to see what the line loss figure comes out as, just raise a ticket and the fault guys will run it for you.