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1 mb or not 1 mb that is the question


1 mb or not 1 mb that is the question


I requested an account regrade to 1mb which at present is the cheapest around, I waited 7 days and on the day it was due to go live, they tell be it has been rejected due to too much noise on the line. I call BT, they tell me to contact F9, I call F9 and they tell me to call BT. I think that F9 provide cheap BB access but their customer service is terrible (and that is putting it politely)

BT told me that the max noise for a 1 mb connection is 42 db. My line acording to my router stats state that the noise level is at 22.5. Do F9 fight my corner by talking to BT for me ??

NO !!!

All they put customer unhappy - nothing we can do

What a joke
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1 mb or not 1 mb that is the question


The line loss limits for a 1 or 2Mbps service is 45dB with an ADSL service installed and the line length needs to be under 3.5km. When we submit an order to BT it is they who will check these details, not ourselves. If they subsequently come back and say the line check has failed (we generally won't know until 7 days after the order was placed) then there is generally very little we can do.

If we were to speak to BT Wholesale all they would say is what it says on our ordering system, that the line test failed.

Reporting a voice line fault to BT Retail may be able bring the line loss figure down if there is a fault on the line, but if the line failed on distance then that will not have an effect.

When I was a new customer with force 9


I orignally had a 512k broadband account with BT, I wanted to change to Force9 on the 1MB home install.

Force 9 sales team gave me no indication that there could be a problem with the line at 1MB.

The Force9 sales team recommended that I cancelled my BT broadband account and adsl line (no mention of line quality issues). Then I payed Force9 £65 for a reconnection for the intention of having a faster 1MB connection.

Force 9 informed me that the line quality was unable to support 1MB so I had to go for 512K with Force9.

On the basis that Force9 Sales team gave me poor advice, who had to foot the £65 bill for ADSL re-connection for a service I already had with BT?


The MD of Plusnet didn't want to know, the support department couldn't help.

I later found out if you look at and check your phone no is ADSL compatible it give a report at what speed the line can support. Clever or what. Why didn't Force 9 have this facility when I joined them? It would have saved me some money.

To date Force9 still do not want to know and purely ignore that I was ripped off due to their neglegence. There has been no offer to reimburse me.


Also Webpages have been slow for over a month the CGI scripting hasn't been working properly, what next.

Martin (A dissatisfied Force9 customer) Sad

1 mb or not 1 mb that is the question

The normal rule of contract: caveat emptor, I'm afraid.
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1 mb or not 1 mb that is the question

Hi mchome,

I personally answered this exact query back in December last year when we recieved a letter from yourself. If you would like to read it again, it is ticket id 9614501.

With regards slow web pages, after yesterdays changes this should now be resolved and from reading the other posts on this forum, it would seem that it has been.

kind regards


Its a shambles

Oh Yes Luke I remember you well! Looks like I've hit a nerve.
The ticket you refer to is as follows (for the benefit of everybody else)

"Letter Rec'd:

Dear Customer,

Unfortunately we are unable to test your line to see if you are able to have a 1Mb connection until we apply for it with BT or test the line if you already have an account with us. Any ADSL account is liable to an activation fee. If you had migrated to us and wanted to upgrade to a 1Mb connection, we would have run a test (but this is not guaranteed) if you had wanted to continue with the order based on our findings, you would have had to pay the activation (Upgrade) fee, which if you cannot have the 1Mb connection is non refundable. So had you migrated to us, then tried for the 1Mb connection it could have cost you closer to £100. At the time of your enquiry to us, we feel the information we told you was the cheapest way for you to get a 1Mb connection with us. We do apologise if you feel you were misled in anyway, but we are unable to offer any compensation.


Note my points: -

1.) I already had an ADSL line with BT at 512K

2.) Your sales team advised me to disconnect to get the 1MB service (no mention that there could be a problem)

3.) If the problem with my line quality had been identified by Force9 before I cancelled with BT, I could have migrated to Force9 512K service with
(i) no downtime
(ii) no hassle
(iii) at a cost of £35 instead of £65

4.) if you look at and click on the link to check the availability in your area I get the following

"Broadband availability checker
For Telephone Number ########### on Exchange #######

Good news - Your exchange has ADSL broadband.

Our initial test on your line suggests that you should be able to have an ADSL broadband service that provides up to 512Kbps download speed, but the upstream bandwidth will vary according to the length of your telephone line. It will not be possible to provide the 1Mbps or 2Mbps ADSL broadband services.

If you decide to place an order, a further test will be performed to confirm if your line is suitable, and if so for what speed of service.

Thank you for your interest."

So why did Force9 fail me and not give me an indication that it was not possible to get a 1MB service before I cancelled with BT?

[Moderator's note (by csogilvie): Please do not post Customer Support Agents names in the forum.]
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Plusnet Staff
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1 mb or not 1 mb that is the question


The line record results you are seeing are available at, there's also a checker on our site.
The problem with this is it is not 100% reliable and uses historical records. The data that it is showing now will likely be based on the line check BT did when you applied for the 1Mbps service.