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1 & 2 Mbit home user ADSL from ?


1 & 2 Mbit home user ADSL from ?

Any chance you lovely people at will start to offer 1 & 2Mbit ADSL to home users any time soon.
More and more companies seems to start offering it and I would really like to get a faster connection if I could. Even an off-peak service would be great for say a £5 extra a month.



RE: 1 & 2 Mbit home user ADSL from ?

Hi Lars,

It doesn't quite work like this, although you never know :-)

I will explain to the best of my ability:

ISPs rely on the backbone provided by BT or other licensed operators (OLOs). BT provide two levels of Broadband access - IPstream and Datastream. Most ISPs use IPStream (The type of connection people are used to when we talk about ADSL). IPstream has 50:1 contention (residential contention) products at 512K only. Business products at 20:1 are available at 1 and 2 MB but these have a pretty high wholesale price.

Datastream is more flexible in terms of speed - OLOs can choose contention and speed offerings, however this generally means that the operators need to fill every DSLAM (The exchange hardware) with customers actively contended on that exchange. This is going to result in the chances of achieving the maximum speed for any length of time being pretty low.

There are other business problems with Datastream that ISPs have yet to conquer, but a Datastream based offering is certainly something we haven't ruled out. This is actually nothing new and while competition and demand is making things more viable, Datastream still isn't at a point where it competes with the IPstream platform as used by most ADSL providers.

I hope I have made that clear enough, I have simplified things a lot there - If anyone else can explain this better, or if you would like me to have another stab then that would be fine.

With Regards,

Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support
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RE: 1 & 2 Mbit home user ADSL from ?

That figures. I've seen 5:1 and even 1:1 SDSL advertised but I gather these are only available in specific areas.

I have a suspicion that ultimately lowered contention will count for more than max bandwidth eg 20:1 500Kbit ought to beat 50:1 1Mbit.

I guess BT don't want to undermine their leased line business. To think that 25 years ago people thought we'd have fibre links right to the home by the year 2000.