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1 MB ADSL - What is the percentage limit on line losses?


1 MB ADSL - What is the percentage limit on line losses?

I've just been knocked back from getting the 1 MB ADSL since on the waiting list end of last month. A BT engineer who repaired an underground fault with my line back on 1st June 2003 (a Sunday) told me I could make the 1mb as I didn't live far from the exchange, he also fitted me a new main line box as the one I had was 16 years old, so why have BT knocked me back?. If anyone knows, which I think alot of people will, what is the max limits on BT's rejection 'line losses are out of limits to support the service' - as an excuse by BT. As I believe I'm in the limits. If anyone can answer it would be appreciated. Thanks. :roll:
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1 MB ADSL - What is the percentage limit on line losses?


If your line is ADSL active, it must have an attenuation level of 45db or lower to support any 1 or 2 MB/s services.

Unfortunately BT don't (and won't) provide us with any specifics about your line - You have to request this information from them directly but they are not oblidged to give it out...



1 MB ADSL - What is the percentage limit on line losses?

Ok Ian, thanks for that.
BT shouldn't get away with those rules though.
Just telling you what they wish and not providing any details of the tests they carry out.
you just have to believe what they tell you that's it in a nutshell.

I'll see if I can find anything out from them though tomorrow morning, very disappointed I was declined by them.

J -

1 MB ADSL - What is the percentage limit on line losses?

Infact, they can get away with this.

Your POTS line is provided for the purpose of voice only, which is all they are contracted to give you.

Anything between NTE5 faceplace (master socket) and onwards into the screen is there property, and they do not have to disclose any technical detail other than how they will site a line within you land.

Anythign from the NTE5 inwards of your house is your own, and they usualy will not touch this at all.

1 MB ADSL - What is the percentage limit on line losses?

True Philip.

But I can also get rid of my BT line. Since they are providing me with such a 'crackly' and not good enough phone line to use 1mb 'so they say' well why should I keep them? If my line isn't as good as everyone else's, who all pay the same rental price, and seem to have no problems obtaining 1mb and even 2mb, does that mean I should be getting a discount maybe?
or maybe they should get of their backsides and fix the problem if there really is one.

So I'm told you can't have it, just on one engineers test results? that's it eh.

I know I'm capable of having 1Mb one of their engineers even said so.
so the reason for refusal is something else an engineer too lazy to do the work correctly perhaps or maybe it was too much effort to even switch me on, did he have a hang over from the night before?.
and if they don't wish to prove me wrong well as above.
BT all secrets.. all money grabbing too, thus they lose their customers.

There are many options out there other than BT.
telewest for example who can't wait to get me signed up.

I'd miss PlusNet, been here for just over 3 years now.. But I really want 1 mb.

We shall see what happens come next spring. Wink

1 MB ADSL - What is the percentage limit on line losses?

As noted, they are only contracted to provide you with a voice line, they can refuse point blank to provide ADSL, even with the least loss in the UK.

That said, they would get a right old slap from Oftel.

If are still receiving crackling on your line, you need to get BT out again, as there is still soemthign wrong (though make sure it is not your equipment first (IE, test with a different phone but never with a cordless).

The BT engineer that made the changes will very doubtfully have been able to make the tests required to say if you can support 1Mb or not.

It may be possible for PlusNet to submit a manual order for your line, stating that work has been carried out on the line, such that any old line tests records may be inaccurate. Support or Ian Wild may be able to help you on the steps needed to have this done.

Until you can get BT to give a activation date (at which point, you will know that a test will be made), there is nothing that much more that can be done.

As noted, there is no contractual requirement that states BT must provide you with any DSL service.