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plusnet forums feeling sticky

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plusnet forums feeling sticky

Never noticed any issues before, but the last 48 hours im having issues with loading the forum pages... feels sticky and not opening instantly like it has done before.

Im using Chrome Wink 

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Re: plusnet forums feeling sticky

You're not the only one, @St3 , I've noticed this for a while, but it's not 'sticky' enough for me to be bothered.

I'm beginning to think Jacks' friends at Lithium have been tinkering behind the scenes and broke a few bits.

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Re: plusnet forums feeling sticky

@St3 yes i agree its not as snappy as it used to be , thought it was me as i am using FF 56 beta

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Re: plusnet forums feeling sticky

Seems ok FF 55.0.3 (32bit).

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Re: plusnet forums feeling sticky

Could be something to do with the widely reported problems of download speeds being reported virtually all over the UK!!

Mine fell apart at ~ 9am this mrning -now getting ~ 2Mb instead of 15Mb +.

PN seem unwilling to admit the issue!!

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Re: plusnet forums feeling sticky

@davidj66 - Don't think so, my speed is as it has been for the past 12 weeks or so since I returned from my last break.

I have noticed that when I am on the forums, my Bit Meter monitor reports very short bursts of activity without FireFox reporting anything.

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Re: plusnet forums feeling sticky

They're sticking a bit for me too..using Chrome. Huh

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Re: plusnet forums feeling sticky

I've noticed it for the past week (or more)  generally on first load of the day (08:00 ish) occasionally get a different 'skin' before establishing the normal look.  Slightly different colour shading and sharper, crisper font.  Not fast enough to get a screenshot!

Win 7 FF 55.0.3 (32 bit)