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gaming section of the forum

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gaming section of the forum

Has the gaming section of the forum always been under help and support?
Any chance we could have that changed and a gaming section added for talk about games and online gaming. just an idea  Crazy
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Re: gaming section of the forum

I believe so - the gaming board was previously under the global heading Community Support along with
--- Broadband Speed
--- Web Hosting
--- Home Phone
--- Broadband Phone
--- Referrers' Forum
The big difference was the change from Community Support to Help and Support
The fact that it is under the global heading of Help and Support isn't intended to stop discussions related to specific games as covered in the board description
"Share hints and tips for your favourite games, or talk about all the latest releases"
Regarding another Gaming Board - the only other place it could go would be under Chit Chat unless a completely new heading was created.
In principle we want to keep the number of boards to a minimum and also not have sub boards so I think that the answer is that we wouldn't want to create another board for something which is, or should be, covered by the existing board description