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Slow loading Community

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Slow loading Community

Is anyone else noticing that Community is horrendously slow to load? I find just clicking on a sub-forum takes 4 or 5 seconds to register, and the actual loading another 4/5 seconds, while numerous activities occur in the bottom L/H of the window.

It is definitely not my browser (FF56.0.2), as other sites, including those with a heavy 'ad' load, load and are responsive much more rapidly.

Any explanation, @jaread83?

Just checked 3 more Lithium powered forums (BT,TT & Virgin) and they didn't exhibit the same behaviour - all loaded instantly.Huh

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Re: Slow loading Community

Don't get me started on this forum being slow !.  Ticked off


@jaread83 has done NOTHING in 19 months to make this any better since I first reported it.  Crazy3


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Re: Slow loading Community

Not had any problems using my smartphone or tablet today. This is from a Sky connection as I am not at home.

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Re: Slow loading Community

I varies for me sometimes its snappy some its slow

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Re: Slow loading Community

Just now this site went very slow, but I didn't notice the exact time the page started loading slowly, so all I know was that it took many tens of seconds.  It was getting so bad that I've just timed it.


First checked that no other devices are using my connection.

Reduced browser tabs down to just the one.

Typed  into browser URL box

Waited for desktop clock to reach zero seconds, and hit <Return>

Then waited NINETY NINE seconds for the page to painfully load each little bit, until it completed.


How the hell can it take 99 seconds to load a single page ?


I've been online all morning, and no other website is even the slightest bit laggy or slow to load.


Yet again it is just Plusnet that has unacceptable web page loading times.  Knuppel


I even restarted my browser, but got similar results when I repeated the test for the third time !


Also once the page has loaded, clicking on anything fails, and requires multiple clicks.


Go to any other website, and there is no problem.


I give up,  I'm not going to waste my time while this community is SOOO SLOOOOWWWW !


Sorry for the format of this post, but it is difficult to know whether keys have been pressed or not - ITS THAT SLOW !