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Seeing your own post as unread!

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Seeing your own post as unread!

Just what the subject says really and it isn't the first time this has happened, but this time I took a screen capture.

Unread Posts

Any thoughts on why this is? As something's not right.

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Re: Seeing your own post as unread!



Sorry, you can blame me this timeEmbarrassed


I attempted to move the entire thread from General Chat to Tech Help but only moved your post. So I moved it back then moved the entire thread. I assume that the action of moving your post pack triggered the unread flag. @jaread83 could probably confirm that.


Edit: This may have happened in the past if one of us have met an error (user or system) when moving posts/threads.

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Re: Seeing your own post as unread!

You are correct @Mav

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