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Page Not Found error - and another bug

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Page Not Found error - and another bug

This is an interesting one. I am logged in when this happens!


Yes, I did follow an old link, the link to the old SMF main forum page as it happens Wink

The next stupid things are that the Link Locations for the 3 suggested locations in the error message all show as http not https, yet clicking on each does correctly end up on the relevant https page - and it was showing I was logged in - which I was - remember!
So why didn't my clicking on my old link end up on a https error message page?

And more interestingly, when I click on the Browse button there on the main Toolbar, I get


A BLANK Browse menu!

I wonder how inter-related this bug/error is with all the other obscure errors we see from time to time, such as -

To complete the picture, this is repeatable using both Pale Moon or Firefox (Forum software 16.5-release r309149)

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Re: Page Not Found error - and another bug

Looks like a redirect has stopped working.

As for the browse menu, I can see the menu in the code but for some reason its being obscured when on the 'page not found' template.

@LouisaMartin, can you inform Lithium about this please? Let them know that the redirect has stopped working for and that the browse menu isn't rendering correctly when on the error page.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Page Not Found error - and another bug

I've raised this to Lithium #00121129