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Oops, something is broken!

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Oops, something is broken!

Using this view of the forums I have just seen this.


Then when reading the article in question I saw this:

One for @jaread83 I guess and maybe @Minivanman can shed some light on it as it's his post.

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Re: Oops, something is broken!

Yes i just spotted that Thumbs UpOdd.PNG

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Re: Oops, something is broken!

Also happens in mobile view...


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Re: Oops, something is broken!

Not sure what went wrong there but delete or whatever? Smiley

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Re: Oops, something is broken!

The rich text editor will inherit HTML from your clipboard if you were to copy/paste directly from a webpage. Because the class names match up to the CSS within the community, it will get the styles here.

I think the mods have editted the post now so all is good. I wouldn't want to restrict the use of HTML in posts as it can be very useful (table data for example) and I don't like the thought of restricting anyones freedom and creativity with their posts.

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