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Notification oddity

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Notification oddity

I saw a status indication that I had 2 notifications and so I went to look at them ... and noticed that only one had the "NEW" icon next to it.

The other has a date some 2 days previous.



On inspecting the post, I saw that it had just been edited by Mav (Released from the SPAM filter).

Capture spam.JPG



Is this expected behaviour...

  1. A NEW notification (arising from a post being released from spam) not having a NEW icon on the notifications list page when first visited?
  2. Such new notification having the date / time of the original post, rather than the mod instigated edit time?

Not overly important, but none the less an apparent Lithium implementation flaw.

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): Edited image as requested.


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Re: Notification oddity

I should imagine it's because it looks like the post went straight to the Spam Filter rather than appearing in the relevant board firstUndecided

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Re: Notification oddity

Lithium Undecided enough said

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