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Notification anomoly

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Notification anomoly

I find the Notification alert bubble (top RHS) very useful, but there is a slight annoyance.

Whilst on-line I normally monitor new posts either at the Board level or via the 'New Topics / Posts' page so in general I will have seen and read any post that is within a thread I'm interested in.  But!  Having now read the item I would expect the Notification count (Top RHS) to reflect only the count of remaining unread posts?


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Re: Notification anomoly

That's tied up with the other aspect of them being shown as Unread/Read that I mentioned in the other thread. The other thing that you may notice is that if your visit the Notifications feed page even if you don't look at all the posts marked NEW on the RHS, when you revisit the page, all NEW markers are gone. It part of the known problem I'm moaning about. I try to give priority to reading everything from the Notification feed page first, rather than from elsewhere.
I find that works best for me, as generally the threads I have posted in may require a further response to a member, especially when it's trying to resolve a problem with their BB, Modem/Router etc.