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Moderator's abuse of power

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Moderator's abuse of power

Can't believe a mod "I won't mention their name here" pushing members around.

I had a genuine tread and it was locked because they didn't like something I wrote in my sig.


and when confronted they then changed their minds and said  I had cross posted the same info via a link when the truth is the link is to a blog that's updated with new info every day.

All I was trying to do is add some very good info other members would find interesting to read and would have welcomed the reply's.

Guess you can't win with some forums or PlusNet for that matter Ticked_off

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Re: Moderator's abuse of power


The thread in question was locked as it was the same link you supplied in another post and that link was already being discussed in that thread to which I posted a link when I locked the topic.


There was no change of mind and my explanation by PM reflected my Moderator's note in the locked thread and it is unfair to post misleading information here.


Your signature was a separate issue which all the moderators and staff discussed and you were notified about in a different PM.


If you feel you have a genuine grievance that needs to be addressed I suggest, in the first place, you contact one of the other mods or a member of staff who would look into it on your behalf rather than post inaccurate and misleading information here.


This thread is now being locked.

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