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Mark(ing) all Post in Community as Read

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Mark(ing) all Post in Community as Read

Is there anyway that the behaviour of this action can be changed? I for one use this link from a toolbar to see what’s going on in the Fora. However, while I am reading the posts others may arrive in the background, so when I select the “Mark all Post in Community as Read” option is does just that and as a consequence I then miss out on any posts that arrived in the meantime.

Is there anyway that when this option is selected it only marks these 'current' posts as read so when this task completes the new arrivals then appear on screen?

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Re: Mark(ing) all Post in Community as Read

I just refresh the page and that seems to do what you require.

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Re: Mark(ing) all Post in Community as Read

I does indeed, but if you are X pages down the list and you have to return to the first it gets a bit tedious. The reason behind the request is simply a matter of logic (for me anyway). I have X pages of posts, I navigate these pages in ascending order and when I reach the end I can then mark these posts and only these post as read.

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Re: Mark(ing) all Post in Community as Read

This isn't something I can change unfortunately. It would be good if you could select a bunch of threads and only mark them as being read...

You might find this helpful though (and this is something I am making a bit more accessible in the next update):

On a category or board you can view specifically the unread posts for that board / category.

For a particular board (in this case, 'broadband') you would need this:

For a particular category (in this case 'Help with my Plusnet services') you would need this:

This will be made a bit more accessible with the changes to the forum page (coming soon) where the 'view unread' link will appear for each category and board when they are available. Hopefully this will help you out a bit by filtering out the stuff you aren't interested in.

note: when marking posts/threads as read in this view, it will mark ALL the community as being read as it did before. I have already put the idea forward to mark all as read for a specific category view, just waiting for it to be approved for a platform update in the future.

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Re: Mark(ing) all Post in Community as Read

Thanks for that @jaread83, looks like the easiest option for me is to simply re-click my toolbar link and return to the 'front' page before I mark them as read. Just thought it would be a nice touch, and certainly not the end of the world.