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Improving communication

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Improving communication

This is a proposal that was first floated on the PlusNet Feedback board; the merits may be better debated here.

Readers will be aware of the thread on the fibre board about DNS and packet-loss. The thread on packet-loss is (as I write) up to 62 pages. There are contributions in there from @bobpullen and @dave but they are hard to find. I certainly missed some of Bob's most recent posts. The absence of any summary of PlusNet statements makes it difficult for users to see what is happening.

PlusNet haven't been willing to put such posts into a separate status thread. I wondered whether Lithium provided a simple, automated way in which posts from nominated individuals on a particular thread could be copied into a separate thread - in this case something like "PlusNet on packet-loss".

And, if it were possible, whether there would be support for doing so? The underlying issue addressed is, apparently, going to go on for another couple of weeks.

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Re: Improving communication

I dont think that Lithium would be able to do anything , its all down to the PN staff here to communicate to its customers
if they have a MAJOR problem as in the packet loss thread , BUT for some reason it has been decided not to highlight this , maybe its because its a open forum and they dont want to admit they are having major problems , On ISP preview they admitted a Small number had problems , but this SMALL Shocked  number is increasing Embarrassed.
Would love to see the PN top escalators grow a pair and admit something is wrong which is taking too long to fix , 5 weeks now with a possible 2 more weeks , or even longer .
Or do the upper staff live in denial !!
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