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I'm really disappointed with the FAQ

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I'm really disappointed with the FAQ

Don't need to explain the title Cry

First, one specific, in  Posting and Replying >Where do I report problems with the Community? can the board name Community Site Feedback be made a link (as shown here - with a capital F please).

There is no mention of the Fly-out menu by clicking one's Username or Avatar on the top RHS of the page - I know it's mentioned in the Welcome - but people don't read these things or they forget Huh

A mention of the Browse Menu for finding Boards would be good.

There are no tips about Quoting, creating Links or inserting Images, all can be a bit tricky at times Sad

Thanks @Chris @adamwalker

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Re: I'm really disappointed with the FAQ

@PlusnetLiam Is this something that can be done?

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