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HTTP status 500-

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HTTP status 500-

HTTP status 500-

The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

What is that about ?

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Re: HTTP status 500-

No idea but I encountered it a few minutes ago too Huh

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Re: HTTP status 500-


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Re: HTTP status 500-

Me too HuhHuhHuhHuh?

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Re: HTTP status 500-

Sorry guys, that was me. It was a hotfix for the 'accepted fix' I had put live earlier and I had missed something. The 500 error occurs very breifly whenever I put changes live.

Sorry about that guys.

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Re: HTTP status 500-

May be associated?  I've just had problems trying to login?

Used my laptop for the first time this week,  needed to login again! 

  • First attempt took me to 'login to mobile account'  - don't have one. 
  • Second attempt took me to reset password screen.
  • Third attempt took me to Broadband account?
  • Fourth attempt - Yippee.  Got to login and post this message.

What's going on?