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Forum profile signature BBCode [img] problem

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Forum profile signature BBCode [img] problem

When editing my forum profile signature BBCode to include an embedded 'jpg' image, I can't find a way of stopping the BBCode for "[ img ]" expanding unnecessarily to include unwanted scaling information, which gets automatically applied with the actual image pixel sizes when I hit the "[Change profile]" button.
For example -
I have an image file "MyPicture.jpg" which is 123 pixels wide, and 45 pixels high.
What I WANT to happen is for the signature code to look like -

The above coding works perfectly on normal forum topic posts, but in the profile signature it automatically expands to -

which is an unnecessary waste of 20 characters, especially as signatures are limited to less than about 590 characters.
If I go back and edit away the width and height fields, they get reapplied when I click "[Change profile]".

I have tried the alternative BBcode "[ img ]" format in an attempt to save wasted characters -

but that simply displays the source code text -

I don't want the image scaled, as I have already done the conversion, so the width and height code is redundant.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop the BBCode for "[ img ]" expanding ?  Huh