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Cannot stay logged in?

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Cannot stay logged in?

Since yesterday's updates I am regularly being  'logged off'  even though I have the 'keep me logged in' box ticked.   Worked fine up until yesterday.

To compound the problem, with all the tosh at the head of the page the auto generated 'log me in again' window with the Username / password boxes pre filled appears so far down the screen that one has to scroll down to see the 'login'  button.   This screen does not have the 'keep me logged in' box pre-checked.

I did try the 'login' url in the header text, but this generates another copy of the Window described above?  Surely in this context they should both do the same job rather than extend the navigation path?

It now feels more clunky than before the changes.


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Re: Cannot stay logged in?

This component was never updated (see the update notes) so this seems like odd behaviour.

Can you try deleting your browser cache and see if that makes any difference?

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Re: Cannot stay logged in?

Are you still having problems Maurice? It's staying logged in for me, but I'll test on another machine later.