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Bug Report

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Bug Report

I wonder why I can`t report a bug on the Community site board.... ?
Seems Kelly has set up the board, in 2007 and locked it... even though it says Report New Bugs Here,.... there is no "new topic" button, and the same on the bugs list page...
The bug I have found is on the Technology boards.... it seems that the "modify" button has been removed, as I can still modify my postings on other boards like chit chat...

Sequence of events....
Found the bug.... can`t modify any posts of mine on technology boards.
go to......,3.0.html ;
go to .....Report New Bugs Here..... read the text.... check on here... bugs list ....
bug not listed... so did a search..... for "modify button missing" ...... get this as a result  Roll_eyes
Read this.......

If you find a bug which is not on this list, please review the following forum board and add details of the bug to the new bugs and how to reproduce it. Once we’ve verified it, we’ll add it to this list.
Community Site Bugs

Clicked on the link..... got this......

An Error Has Occurred!
The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.

So it seems impossible to Report New Bugs Here....    Roll_eyes  Because the thread has bugs in itself  Sad
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Re: Bug Report found two bugs Grin
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Re: Bug Report

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Re: Bug Report

Trying to follow your post - sorry if I missed something
Modifying posts in the Technology Boards - I assume that this is because you have reached the 24 hour edit limit which was discussed extensively here,120232.0.html ; and there was a poll on it,120390.0.html
Report new bugs here isn't a board it is a sticky post and here refers to the Community Site and Forums Board where you can post
Regarding the duff link on the Bugs I will have Chris pick it up as I can't fix it
Edit - Link now fixed
Thread moved to Community Site and Forums
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Re: Bug Report

Ok Jim.... did not know about the 24 hour limitation on modifying posts.... and it just seemed a bit weird that I could still modify posts on other boards,.... (if I wanted to .....)