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BT: It's good to talk

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BT: It's good to talk

That's what Bob Hoskins used to tell us on BTs behalf. So with BT being the ultimate boss of this ISP, could General Chat pelase be reinstated.




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Re: BT: It's good to talk

What about Buzby, and Maureen Lipman not to forget Bernard Cribbons and many more - who would have thought it would ever come to this!

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Re: BT: It's good to talk

Depends these days who's talking and what they're talking about.  Sad

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Re: BT: It's good to talk

As Maureen lipman would say..
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Re: BT: It's good to talk

It is good to talk @7up but these days words spoken by us plebs are deemed to be troublesome. Say something out of place or send somebody an emoji wink as I did here and they go sniveling off to nanny moderator.

Others in the wide world can say what they like of course and on a much wider stage like China's President Xi Jinping warning that foreign powers will "get their heads bashed" if they attempt to bully or influence the country. I'm no president of a country, so how how that sports pundit on BBC this morning describing the boxer Anthony Joshua as 'the King Kong of Boxing' - and lets not forget Trumps now infamous bit of genital grabbing.

Yes it is good to talk, but we are obliged on forums like this to walk on thin ice when we do so.


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