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Anonymise my account

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Anonymise my account

So how do I go about it?


From the help pages I've got

"If you wish your profile to be anonymised as above, please flag with one of the Plusnet Help Team and they'll be happy to arrange this."

So how do I "flag" someone? and more specifically how do I do it to "one of the PlusNet Help Team"?

Surely a link that takes you where you need to make the request would be less cryptic.



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Re: Anonymise my account

Moderator's note:

This post has been flagged to the relevant team.

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Re: Anonymise my account

Hi @Anonymous,

Welcome to the forums.

I am going to go ahead and delete your forum account as requested. Please note that this only applies to your forum account and NOT any accounts held with Plusnet as a customer. If you want to cancel your customer accounts you will need to get in touch with Plusnet customer services.



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