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A suggestion regarding Notifications.

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A suggestion regarding Notifications.

I don’t know if this has been suggested before so apologies if it has, but would it be possible to have one’s notifications cleared by means of a hover action instead of visiting the My Notifications page?

By that I mean when you hover over the little red counter on your avatar a popup appears and displays a (distilled) list of the new notifications then when focus is removed the counter resets itself?

It is as always just a thought.


Edit:- By distilled I mean something like this:

UserName liked your post.
UserName accepted your fix.
UserName sent you a private message.

But if the user needs more insight then there is always the My Notifications button or maybe a link could be included as well.

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Re: A suggestion regarding Notifications.

I like this suggestion but unfortunately it isn't something I am able to develop as I am unsure about how I can tap into the notification api. There is also the problem with hovering - touch screens technically do not have a hover state on the cursor.
Although I have said I can't do this, I will put it on my list of possible future enhancements as I am pitching an idea to the business to make improvements to some areas and a 'quick view' for the notifications is something I am keen on implementing.

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Re: A suggestion regarding Notifications.

Also.... can you do anyting about the "duplicity" of getting a "popup"   AND a "counter number" on your avatar top right of forum... so.. you click on the "popup" and read the notification,... but then you have to go to the avatar to "cancel" it, by being re-directed to what you have just read, before "getting on with the rest of your life".... same thing happens on Email notifcations... you read that "so and so" has done this on your post... and then you have to "cancel" it by clicking your avatar again reading it to "dismiss" it..

most annoying.