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A few more PM oddities

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A few more PM oddities

I've been using PM's a lot more in the last few days and spotted a few oddities:

  • Receive an email notification of a PM but nothing showing in the Forum notification flag OR the Inbox for 2 - 3 minutes?
  • Attempting to add additional recipients in the To: box.  Using the @xxxx feature does not always find the entry.   Adding a @xxxx reference in the text of the message works? ( @jaread83  I have a PM with an example - how can I forward it to you?)
  • When there is a Notification flag for a PM, the flag is only cleared after the PM has been opened AND closed.


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Re: A few more PM oddities

There's no need to use @ in PM addressees ... I rather suspect that confuses the search.  However I do find the search quite temperamental and slow - for example typing 'jaread' might not offer Jack's handle, but deleting the trailing 'd' does.  All a bit mad!

Similarly 'jonoh' does not find 'JonoH' first.

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Community Gaffer
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Re: A few more PM oddities

I think you're right about using the @ in the recipient input. I have always just typed the name. The new system is a bit more reliant on the user clicking a profile and hitting the 'send message' button as the lack of a 'new message' button would hint towards that (the 'new message' button is something I have added back in myself).

Sometime soon there will be the added functionality of hovering over a users name to get a mini profile card (when this will happen is TBC but its on my roadmap) which has a link to their profile and sending a message which would lessen the amount of clicks to send a message directly to someone.

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