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Welcome to your new Community!

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Welcome to your new Community!

Just a quick note to say hello & thank you for your patience these last couple of days whilst we’ve been putting the final touches to this place.

There’s obviously some significant differences with this new site compared to the old – we’ve tried to summarise them as best we can in our FAQs but feel free to ask any questions you have in this board too.

Our ask of you now is pretty simple – use it! Let us know of things you like but also things you don’t so we can continue to make this place better. Whilst it’s a new start, we won’t be running away from Community so you have commitment from us that we will review all feedback and look to do as much as we can. As always, we may have to make decisions that some disagree with but we’re keen to explain our reasons, too.

Just a final note to say thank you to the members who have helped us to get this up and running over the past few months – you guys know who you are but again, your support has been greatly appreciated.

Here’s to Community!

Former Plusnet Staff member. Posts after 31st Jan 2020 are not on behalf of Plusnet.