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Plusnet online survey

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Re: Plusnet online survey

Exactly !!  no matter what the survey shows NOWT will change  Embarrassed
Be interesting to see the results PN  Wink
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Re: Plusnet online survey

Quote from: Nibiru
I could list so many things that Plusnet have not listened to in the past, but just taking todays 'hot topic' as an example, the members here clearly don't want non-customers to post comments in the new forum - but no matter what anyone says, it will be open to anyone whether we like it or not!
Plusnet don't listen to their customers, so why waste resources with the survey, when that effort could be doing something useful.

I'm sad to, say that it is difficult to find evidence to refute this sentiment in respect of some of the major changes made (and for that matter changes not made - email TLS & others) over the last 18 months.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.