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Help Assistant - making it easier to find online help and support

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Help Assistant - making it easier to find online help and support

Help Assistant serves two purposes.  It’s a way asking for assistance from our support team – from the website so nothing gets lost in transit and we can see the whole ‘picture’. We often refer to it as ‘raising a ticket’ or asking a ‘Question’ and we use it instead of email.
Once ‘raised’ to the support team, you can track your issue at the website from ‘My Questions’.
Help Assistant also tries to guide you to online support pages and tutorials where you should find the information you need for many ‘setup’ or ‘troubleshooting’ problems.
Our aim is to provide you with help and assistance in the most efficient and convenient way for you.  As an example, we’d rather not have you sat waiting to set up your email software when there’re loads of step-by-step guides that can have you up and running in less than five minutes.
One of the problems we face is how to get the system doing those two things at the same time.  Some of the feedback we’ve had about the system has said that it is inflexible and sometimes ‘goes round in circles’.
We aim to make the experience better by making it more obvious how and where to ‘raise a ticket’, and at the same time making it easier to find relevant ‘self-serve’ information.
We’re very pleased to announce that the first stage of improvements to the Help Assistant is being put live this morning.
When you raise a ticket you’ll see that, as you type in your question, the system actively searches our support pages and shows you the ones we think might be able to help you.  Click a link and it will open the support page in a new browser window.
What’s different about this approach is that we won’t ‘redirect’ you.. you can always continue to type in your question and submit it.
Our aim is to stop the Help Assistant sending anyone ‘round in circles’ and this is the first step toward our getting there.  In the New Year we’ll start to remove some of the redirection and rely more on the new search functionality.
You’ll also notice that you can enter your mobile number on the ‘ticket’. We’ll send you a text message when your Question has been returned to you.
We hope you like this improvement – please let us know what you think.
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Re: Help Assistant - making it easier to find online help and support

can we please have discussions on this announcement here,71752.0.html