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Community updates August 2017

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Community updates August 2017

Hi everyone,

This update consists mostly of some minor improvements but I wanted to communicate what has changed anyway to keep up with my promise to keep the community updated on what we have done to make the forums a great place to be.

New stuff:

New icons on quicklinks bar to be inline with our new icon sets

New rank - Plusnet Alumni (retired). Staff who have left Plusnet will acquire a new rank to leave their helpful posts on the Community but their account will be effectively deactivated. This needs to be done for legal reasons as private messages sent to them will hold private information and we need to block access to this and make sure the account cannot be used.

All references to 'Phone' have been updated to now say 'Home Phone' to avoid confusion over users wanting help with their mobile or home phone products.

Plusnet Feedback - We will be requiring ALL new topics on the feedback board to have a label so that agents can filter out what topics. This is in response to having a seperate 'mobile feedback' board but we do not want to split this board into a new category.

Bug fixes:

Link to a larger version of an image on one of our FTTP faq pages

Alignment of icons on the board, unread topics/posts view have been updated where a user has batch processing enabled and moderator flags when viewing on small screens


Polls - We have begun trying out the built in Poll functionality and will be looking to use it in the future once we can see what we can do with it and get it to a presentable state.


Edit: These changes are now live.

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