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CGI Platform Upgraded to PHP5

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CGI Platform Upgraded to PHP5

As per the announcement here (a copy of which follows):
[quote author="Service Status"]Access to the CGI Platform (61005) - UPDATE
CGI Services
Posted on: Monday 15 March 2010, 17:11

This is an update to this afternoon's announcements about access to our CGI web hosting platform.
The upgraded CGI platform is now live and HTTP/FTP access has been restored for customers.
The CGI servers have been upgraded to Apache 2 and PHP5.
Most PHP4 code will run without problems under PHP5 however you should be aware that PHP5 is not 100% backwards compatible.
To assist with this transition we have switched on 'global_variables' (register_globals). The default behaviour of PHP5 is to have this switched off, and whilst this is our preference too, we're going to leave it switched on for the time being to minimise the potential for this upgrade to cause problems with your scripts.
We strongly suggest that you start looking at making all of your scripts PHP5 compatible as it's very likely that we will switch global variables off at some point in the future.
You can find further details about the backwards compatibility of PHP5 here -
Whilst the platform has been tested following the upgrade, there is the potential for some modules to be missing or for the inclusion of some features to have been inadvertently overlooked. If you suspect this has happened, or if you have any other problems following the upgrade, then you should post a question over on our Community Support forums in the first instance -,6.0.html
An FAQ to accompany the upgrade can be seen here -
We would like to thank customers for their patience over the weekend and apologise again for any problems this has caused you.
Kind Regards,
Bob Pullen
Customer Support

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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