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plasma tv for sale


plasma tv for sale


42" techwood silver plasma TV. complete with breakout box, stand, glass table and speakers (can even give a wall mount if required)

Been using this for a year now as a pc monitor as well as for sky. absolutly no burn in etc.
Goes to 1024*768 on the PC and gives a sharp pic on sky too. it has both DVI and RGB and 4 scart connections. also takes a PS2 wire too

looking to sell this simply because i am too far away from it in my living room to be comfortable typing. there is 4 years worth of guarantee left on this.

cost £1300+ £700 for the 4 year warranty looking for best offer at the moment.

apparently you can "drop this in transit" and claim £1000 worth of vouchers from mastercare. I dont have the heart to do that to such a pretty tv though Sad

mail me on with offers. anyone in aberdeen is welcome to come and see this working first

plasma tv for sale

Ripped off on the warranty! ?
I'm sick of the warranty rip off Britain! You could have gotten one from the above for 5 years for £300. (And I'll let you into a secret, if you dont use it in the first year you can claim a full refund!)

Mark Wall
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