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old pc's wanted (mark 2 i believe)


old pc's wanted (mark 2 i believe)

i didnt want to hijack the other thread but im looking for some older Pc's to start up a business. i need a fair few of these so that i can learn active directory etc and also train up a few people in system building

looking for anything above 350mhz and will accept parts too

hoping to do this as cheaply as possible

Im in the baerdeen area and can offer some free LAN gaming if in the area as a thanks

please post here and ill check back. ideally looking for people who want rid of systems but please also include the requested price. i will of course cover postage
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old pc's wanted (mark 2 i believe)

I don't see the point in teaching peeps how to build such archaic pc's tbh! :? Unless of course it is as an introduction, moving on to more up to date equipment once they are a little more proficiant (IE less likely to fudge it up! Tongue )
Is this what you propose to do?

PM me with a ball park figure of what you are willing to pay for such systems. I may be able to help out to an extent.

old pc's wanted (mark 2 i believe)

well i can offer you 2 dell gx1's and a few hdds also i have a the bits for a compaq p2 400mhz make me an offer

old pc's wanted (mark 2 i believe)

PM me for info.

Your ad for PC's

I got a 4yr old pent 1 IBM desktop CD rom and FDDR, my old work PC with Taxan 730 CRT 85Hz refresh rate. Good spec at the time. lots of office s/w on it. I just bought a new Dell wireless Laptop replacing it.
Interested. I live Ipswich.