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kurweil k2000 synth and pc parts for sale


kurweil k2000 synth and pc parts for sale

Hi all

All equipment is in excellent condition

SILENT case and 350 watt psu 30 quid Full bay case ideal for upto 6 SATA drives + 4 dvd

ati all in one video capture 55 quid

17inch crt 1280x1024 45 quid (pickup or 25 quid delivery)

infra red mouse and keyboard 15 quid.

4800dpi colour flat bed scanner 25 quid

xp1600 and copper chiller heatsync for 25 quid

logitech ball ps/usb mouse high accuracy mouse (35 quid to buy new) 20 quid

4x alesis studio nearfield speakers and 2 x 150 watt samsung Amps 250 quid

Kurzweil k2000 synth 650 quid including delivery (1500 quid to buy new)

Emagic AMT8 8 in 8 out zero latency MIDI for PC and MAC 99 quid (234 pounds to buy new)

all prices include PnP


chat to me on msn

or contact me on 01656 740342 ask for dave